How Seniors Can Help Fight Crime

How can seniors help fight crime? When it comes to fighting crime in your neighborhood, this is not a task that should just be left up to the police. Everyone can do their share of fighting crime. This includes our senior citizens. You may be wondering how you can help and I’m going to tell you how.

The first step you want to take in fighting crime is attend beat meetings. These meetings are held at least once a month by the police department. This is where residents and officers can discuss crime and disorder issues, as well as come up with strategies together on how to handle these issues. Attending these meetings will give you an opportunity to meet the beat officers and other residents, as well as report any concerns that may be going on in your neighborhood. You will also work with other on finding ways to resolve these problems.

You might even consider becoming a court advocate. Not only will you be able to support your community, but others as well. You will provide the support for defendants who find it difficult to proceed with their testimonies. However, by being a court advocate, you send the message that you care about the problem and want to help.

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20 June

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