Toll Free Hotline Numbers for Victims of Crime

If you are a victim of a crime, the best thing for you to do is to call one of the toll free numbers available for just about any crime that you have been apart of. One of the best things for any homeowner to do is to find all of these toll free numbers and past them on the fridge in the kitchen so that they are convenient when you need them. This is especially true if you (more…)

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14 August

OVC (Office for Victims of Crime): A Great Resource

No one ever wants to be the victim of a crime, but those who have suffered will be pleased to learn that the Office for Victims of Crime is available to provide resources for those who need them the most.

Crime victims often experience financial distress due to the crime that was perpetrated against them; the Office for Victims of Crime can help with expenses that accumulated because of the crime. Some examples of financial assistance could include medical expenses or funds distributed to those professionals who handle (more…)

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5 June

NOVA Provides Tips to Victims of Stalking

Stalking is any form of harassment, threatening or menacing behavior that is repeatedly conducted. There are two primary forms of stalking: physical and cyberstalking. Physical stalking takes place at an individual’s home, place of employment, through the phone or by defacing the personal property of a victim; cyberstalking is harassment that takes place over the Internet or through other electronic means. Every state has laws that prohibit stalking, but some require the existence of a credible threat before action is taken. Consequently, it is (more…)

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28 March

Consider Being a Victim Advocate: NOVA Offers Credentialing

You might have considered becoming a teacher, a social worker or a nurse. You know you want to help others in your life’s work but choosing a specific career path has been challenging at best. A victim advocate might be just the option for you. Individuals who work in this unique helping field assist crime victims during some of the most difficult and stressful times of their lives. Whether a person was victimized through identity theft or through a violent assault, the victim advocate will offer support and guide him through the maze of the (more…)

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11 July

Heaven’s Rain: True Story Adapted by Hollywood

Heaven’s Rain follows the story of a politician who founded an important piece of victim’s right’s legislation in Oklahoma. The story begins with the Douglass family goes through a harrowing night 30 years in the past. The night will change the lives of the family forever.
The politician wins his fight, but by doing so, he finds that he must come to grips with his past.

The 2010 movie is an example of a true story that was adapted by Hollywood. (more…)

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28 November

Consider Attending the 2011 NOVA Conference

The National Organization for Victim’s Assistance (NOVA) is a well-known organization that promotes rights and services for victims of crimes. This organization holds an elaborate annual conference that serves to educate and strengthen the diverse group of professionals who work in the field of victim advocacy. Whether it be the police officers who see victims first or the social workers and counselors who deal with the aftermath of crime’s effect, this conference has something for (more…)

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16 November

The Innocence Project: The “Other” Victim

When crime happes to us and we are made the victim, people expect us to bounce right back and be the same person we were always were. Being the victim of a crime changes that. We are left looking over our shoulders and trust no one. We expect something to happen. So, how do you overcome this and how do you bounce back? Here are some tips.

The first thing is to tell those people how you (more…)

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3 November

Had a Break In? What to do Now…

If you’ve been a victim of a break in it’s natural to feel scared about it happening again. You should first talk to someone about your ordeal to try and get a handle on things but then take some very real actions to help yourself feel safer in your own home again
Get New Locks: It’s amazing what changing the locks on your doors (and windows) can do for your psyche. If you ever had any doubt about your home being sealed (more…)

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1 October

Fight Crime With a Degree in Forensics

A number of exciting fields in forensics have become available. There are even unexciting fields in forensics. This should not dissuade a person who wants to specialize in forensic accounting from doing so. Some people like working with numbers and if he finds accounting enjoyable, he should feel free to do it.

The field of forensics is not one of the fastest growing fields in the United States. Nursing still maintains that lead, but much like nursing, (more…)

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13 May

Top Three Crime Fighting Careers

Few careers allow an individual the opportunity to fight crime on a regular basis. There are many, many great career opportunities for those interested in the criminal justice field, yet only a few of those careers can truly be labeled as the best crime fighting careers. If you want to become a full-time crime fighter, consider pursuing one of the following criminal justice career opportunities.

1. Police Officer. One of the most popular, and also most dangerous, crime fighting careers (more…)

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28 April